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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What does the Facility Fee include?

The fee includes rental of the room(s) for the time period indicated on your Facility Agreement, with advance set-up of the tables and chairs to your specifications by the Center’s staff. An Event Host will be here throughout your event to assist you with any facilities needs. Use of the kitchen is covered under a separate Food Service Fee.


2. Do you require a specific caterer, or may we bring in our own food?

For the safety of the client’s guests, it is encouraged the client secure the services of a licensed and insured caterer/restaurant. We are happy to help you select a caterer from our Recommended Caterers list or you may use your own caterer. However, the client may serve food from any outside source. A Food Service Fee will apply.


3. Can I bring in alcohol? Are there any restrictions?

Yes, but kegs are not allowed. All events serving alchohol must be covered by Alcohol Liability Insurance (minimum of $1,000,000 coverage) through an insured caterer, bartending service or secured independently by the client. A copy of Alcohol Liability Coverage must be on file with us no later than fourteen (14) days prior to your event. You are required to provide a banquet permit, available online at:


4. Why do I need a banquet permit?

A banquet permit is required by the state of Washington policy when any alcohol is to be served at an event.


5. Do you provide plates, silverware, glasses, etc.?

You will need to arrange for rental of these items. We provide all the drinkware with our VIP Beverage Service and have wine goblets, glasses and mugs available to rent, however, you will be responsible for plates, silverware, serviceware, etc.


6. What sizes/quantities of tables are available?

Our inventory includes 60″ rounds, which seat 8 people, plus 6′x30″ and 6′x18″ banquet tables. We generally have enough inventory for most setups but can acquire more as needed for a fee.


7. What color are the chairs? Are other chairs available?

We have molded stacking chairs in burgundy vinyl. Chairs and chair covers in a variety of styles and colors are available at local rental agencies.


8. What is included in the VIP Beverage Service?

Our service includes regular and decaffeinated Seattle’s Best Coffee, a selection of Tazo hot teas, iced water, creamers and sugars, cocktail napkins and beverageware at a self-serve station. Your Event Host will keep the service refreshed to your specifications. We also offer optional fruit juices, sodas, and Snapple cold teas for an additional charge, based on consumption. For more information, follow this link: Beverage Service.


9. Do we pay for set-up and clean-up time? Do we set-up, clean, etc.?

Our clients contract for the entire time they occupy the facility, so plan to include your set-up time (including your caterers and other vendors) and clean-up time. Please remember, however, that we will have all the tables and chairs set up in advance to your specifications. After your event, we ask that you remove any items you’ve brought in, place your trash in receptacles provided, and leave the kitchen clean. Our Facilities staff will take care of the rest.


10. Can I come in early/the night before to set-up?

Set-up time must be part of the contracted event time. If you wish to come in the night before, you are welcome to book the space for the three-hour minimum, based on availability. Arriving earlier than your contracted start time will incur additional cost.


11. Can I have the flowers/cake/rentals delivered ahead of time? Can I leave them for pick-up the next day/business day?

All rentals and deliveries should be coordinated with your Client Services Representative. Generally all items must be delivered and picked-up on the same day as the event so as to not interfere with other events. Special arrangements can be made as events allow.


12. What audio-visual/technology services are available?

We have an extensive selection available. For a complete listing, follow this link:Audio/Visual Services.


13. Are we allowed to have a DJ/band?

Certainly! The City of Edmonds does have a noise ordinance that goes into effect at 10:00pm, but your Event Host will monitor the noise level outside and let you know if the music becomes too loud.


14. Can we throw rice, birdseed, confetti, etc.?

No. Rice, confetti, birdseed, glitter or any other article that creates debris is prohibited. Bubbles are permitted outside the building.


15. Is there an outside courtyard or garden area? View of the water?

Our lovely facility occupies our entire grounds and the large windows are located high to allow for maximum light. However, the bluff overlooking the Puget Sound is just three blocks west, which allows for lovely, unobstructed photographs. On-site outdoor photo opportunities may be available. Please ask your Client Services Representative.


16. Is there a dressing room available?

No dressing rooms are specifically available. However, many couples opt to reserve the entire facility for their exclusive use. The Orchid Room, upstairs, divides into two smaller rooms, ideal for bridal suites.


17. How late can our event go?

We strongly encourage all events to end by midnight.


18. Is parking available?

Two parking lots behind our facility are available for the exclusive use of Edmonds Conference Center guests, for a total of 24 spaces. Free parking is also available on the street and in public lots within one block of the Center. Please follow this link for further information: Parking Options.


19. How can I get to the Center?

We are conveniently located, minutes north of downtown Seattle, just off Interstate 5. Directions with a map are available at this link: Driving Directions.


20. Who qualifies for a non-profit rate?

Any 501c3 non-profit entity and government agencies qualify for the non-profit rate.