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Kitchen & Food Services


Our centrally-located kitchen provides an ample area for final food preparation with its spacious counters, two work-stations with double sinks, three ovens (conventional & convection), warmer, five stove-top burners, microwave, dishwasher and commercial refrigerator. Carts are available for transporting supplies or food and beverage to your event space.

Our VIP Beverage Service includes beverage-ware. You will need to supply your own dishes, flatware, service-ware, etc. We have lovely wine goblets, glasses and mugs available to rent.


Food Service Fee

A fee will be charged when any type of food is served in an event space. This is all inclusive, no exceptions.

Chrysanthemum Hall $
Orchid Room $
Orchid Room A or B $
Rhododendron Room $
Rhododendron Room (Buffet)

For the safety of the client and their guests, it is encouraged the client secure the services of alicensed and insured caterer/restaurant. While this is highly recommended, the client has the option to bring in food and beverage from any outside source. Full use of the kitchen is permitted.

Additionally, all events serving alcohol must be covered by liability insurance through a licensed, insured caterer, bartender or secured independently by the client.